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DY-ZLC-C630 CNC vertical hydraulic lathe

  • Device application:Conduct the turning process of  pipe pile plank in end 
  • (excircle, seam allowance and plane)

  • Device characteristics
  • 1.This product is mainly composed of spindle, hydraulic chuck, tool turrets on both sides, CNC system and automatic lubrication system. 
  • 2.The mechanical parts are casted by adopting qualitative materials, it has enough strength. 
  • 3.The vertical hydraulic inner circle holding material is simple and convenient to operate.
  • 4.Frequency converter is equipped to realize stepless speed regulating and improve the product quality. 
  • 5.It adopts CNC control system, it is easy and simple to handle with high precision. 
  • 6.The double tool turrets adopt dovetail groove guide rail, the ball screw is driven by stepping motor, the cutting feed is accurate, flexible and convenient, the production efficiency is quite high.
  • Applicable product specification (unit: mm)
  • 300,  400,  500 600

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