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DY-CK-C530 CNC punching\ notching  mould

DY- CK-C640 CNC punching\ notching  mould

DY-CK- C850 CNC punching\ notching  mould

·  Device applicationUsed for processing the punching\ notching of pipe pile plank in end 

 Device characteristics

1.This product is mainly composed of die holder, mould, indexing driver element, hydraulic rotary cylinder and human-computer interface control. 

2.Conduct accurate indexing through the direct connection of servo motor and worm and worm wheel, conduct the automatic punching of workpiece by controlling press machine at the same time.

3.Adopt touch screen to connect PLC, the action parameters and processing number can be easily adjusted, the product conversion and adjustment is convenient. 

4.The rotary oil cylinder material holding is fixed, the operation is safe and handy, the employee’s operating strength is reduced.

  • Applicable product specification (unit: mm)
  • DY - CK - C530 300, 400, 500
  • DY - CK - C640 400, 500, 600
  • DY - CK - C850 500, 600, 700,800
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