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DY-ZZG-B630 CNC Tapping countersunk head machine
DY-ZZG-B850 CNC Tapping countersunk head machine

Device application:Process the counter bore and tapping of  pipe pile plank in end
    • Device characteristics
      1.This product is mainly composed of drilling gear box, tapping gear box, index plate, hydraulic chuck, CNC system and automatic lubrication system. 
      2.The mechanical parts are casted by adopting qualitative materials, it has enough strength.
      3.The vertical hydraulic oil cylinder conducts outer circle material holding, the operation is simple and convenient. 
      4.The machine conducts indexing, drilling and tapping automatically, reduce the workers’ labor strength and improve the security coefficient to the greatest extent, and the production efficiency is also improved.
  • Applicable product specification (unit: mm)
  • DY - ZZG - B630 300, 400, 500, 600
  • DY - ZZG - B850 500, 600, 700, 800
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